Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Freedom to not speak

Freedom of speech is something that is taken for granted in the so called Western world, and so here in Finland as well, but apparently with a little twist to it.

According to the Finns I have recently been discussing the issue with, here in Finland it seems that the meaning of freedom of speech here is; (which normally is considered to be that you are allowed to express your own opinions), “the freedom of leaving out to mention about things you should talk about”.

And this has been practised to its’ best extent at least when the late president Urho Kekkonen still lived with some remains still prevailing in today’s politics. The eastern neighbour has ever since been talked about in a hushed tone of voice, some things were best not to talked about aloud at all, and president Kekkonen was according to the information I have found on the subject a mastermind on balancing on a tight rope between the western world and the eastern then great neighbour, The Soviet Union.

Anyway, I never seem to cease to be surprised about what information is freely available on the Internet, like finding a distant relative or a second cousin really, currently living here in Finland and studying at the University of Helsinki!

I have not as yet got any answer to the e-mail I sent this morning but am hoping to receive one soon. It would be very nice if we could meet up, if not at least be in contact by e-mail even though we have never actually met before, just our respective parents that are first cousins as our family is not the very best at keeping in touch and we are spread all over Europe together with a couple of other continents as well and no family reunions have ever taken place. Maybe that is one thing we should take up doing in the future as with age one tends to all of sudden become more interested in one’s family and relatives.

By the way, why do they say that flowers are best captured in backlight?

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