Friday, 19 October 2007

More drunk than before

It must be years if not decades since last time a Russian diplomat has been called back to Moscow from the embassy in Helsinki for some misdemeanour, but yesterday it happened again. This time the diplomat was called back home for making statements differing from the official Russian policy about Finland joining NATO.

Anyway, the soup days seems to have come to stay for a while as some planned outings were cancelled with the flu having hit hard with a bad cough and fever. Guess this was to expect as the first signs of warnings of a runny nose were not taken seriously enough, so mummy has been busy providing the offspring with some hot soup, sweet corn soup this time to be more specific and it turned out quite well, as a matter of fact too well as I have had to make some more already after the first batch this morning.

One thing I have been wondering about in the news is the fact that Finnish alcohol consumption has increased to a 26.3 million litres converted into pure alcohol sold during the first 6 months this year and it has never earlier been this high according to the National Product Control Agency with the sales of long-drinks and light wines having increased particularly. Once again I have to ask the same question, as this not adjusted into per capita, what the Finns drink per person, no consideration of that the population is bigger than before or maybe there were more tourists visiting the country.

I just love statistics!

And now the hospitals have made up their minds about the mass resignations from their staff nurses that are members of the Finnish health care union. The resignations are to be considered to be effective and real and no guarantee is made that they are to get back their jobs when the union eventually makes a deal about their pay rises.

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  1. Hej, tack för ditt inlägg på Prinsessbloggen.

    Visst är det härligt med kungligt skvaller! Imorgon lördag måste du titta på Nyhetsmorgon TV4 kl 9.30, då är jag där och kommenterar de nya bevisen för att det blir prinsessbröllop i sommar!