Monday, 8 October 2007

Specs trouble

A tradition that dates back centuries, the traditional herring market opened for this year in Helsinki this weekend. There are quite a few fish markets around the country and most of them have their market days twice a year, one weekend is normally in the fall and the other in the spring and there are large amounts of delicacies to try on place or to buy home apart from the smoked herring I am so fond of eating on rye bread. Dear husband of mine has his preferences of many of the pickled herring varieties and I think he has tried it in any way they pickle it in addition to the many recipes I have tried out here at home. Some with great success, others to great disappointment of the hungry ones and the offspring unwilling and reluctant to even try.

Anyway, with age most of us get poor eyesight and in time we have to get ourselves an aid to be able to cope with daily chores, simple things like reading. For me this already occurred years ago in my teens and I have since then had many glasses and now it was time to get new ones again.

One thing I do dislike is being obliged to change opticians as it always turns bad in the end and so this time once again to no surprise, at least to me now afterwards but I tend to forget about it during the years it works out as it should with the “old and familiar” optician.

Out of some peculiar reason the new opticians never really listen to what I say about my eyes being able to adjust and pretend to see, if you know what I mean. My eyes are for a short period of time, able to make the impossible, that is to pretend almost perfect eyesight and that is just about the time it takes to make the test and after a while it all becomes a blur again and happily the optician prescribes the wrong glasses for me. So this time and here I now am with new specs that are completely useless to me as I can not read with them, not to mention being able to judge if the photos I take are good or bad.

Another thing that went wrong this time is that my eyes do not have the same prescription, as I have poorer sight on my left than on my right and as I have always been farsighted I very much doubt my sight ever improves as these new specs would suggest as they are not strong enough for me to be able to read. And these new ones are the same strength both of them. The thing I hate most about this is not getting the wrong glasses but it is to go back and tell someone whom I am absolutely sure did their best but still failed, it’s the having to “question their professional skills” part that I hate. We all make mistakes but like most people in general neither the Finns do like to be told they are wrong, and as paying customer I am entitled to have what I am paying them for and that is new specs I can see with instead of such I could have used years ago. Guess this is a time I should not be trying out any new, untried food recipes as I might get it all wrong as I might not see what it says in the recipes.

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