Friday, 5 October 2007

More work done cheaper

Recently it has been all about pay rise and wages negotiations in the media here in Finland.

Employees threatening to walk out of their jobs, threatening strikes in order to get a pay rise, demands for more money working overtime and after the negotiations between the unions and employers, companies and municipalities are now beginning to complain about having to raise the taxes in order of being able to afford the pay rises.

At the same time there still is a big unemployment rate in this country and many of these are women. Well they say women even when doing the same job as men are paid less, it was something about 1 Euro for men would be 80 cents or something for women still when doing the same job. So what is there to do, both to get more people into working life maintaining the cost efficiency in companies? Employ more women as they are cheaper and still do the same job as men. How does this sound for equality?

Companies are not as prone to employ women as they have children and stay home when they are ill, well women still normally do more than a man’s work, if you know what I mean.

Employing a second woman to replace the other being on her maternity leave should only make the business even more successful, getting rid of the men costing a fortune and never doing a woman’s job anyway and employing more cost-effective women. They are cheaper according to all research done and work harder in order to keep up in pace with the men, to be able to advance in the same time. Women not only have to work more and harder in order to receive the same benefits as men just are handed automatically, they have to prove they are worthy in working life in opposition to men. Men just are and what you see is what you get, and frankly, sometimes that is not much.

It is just a shame that the taxes and all other social costs are the same for both men and women. Maybe we now would need a change in this as we now have solved the national economy of this country. Getting more work done for less pay.

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