Tuesday, 16 October 2007

New ways

According to the news The Finnish National Public Health Institute has been taken by surprise by a study carried out at the Harvard University in the US which conclude that children may five times more likely develop bone cancer if they ingest fluoride added to their drinking water and if Harvard's research holds up to more scientific scrutiny Finland should re-examine the quantity of fluoride it adds to public drinking water, as it is added into drinking as it is believed to strengthen bone structure.

Well, well, here we are once again. Something that was believed years ago to be good for you no longer might be and that we really don not have a choice to say no to as there was no other option. The tap water we all are drinking with out even thinking about what I might, or might not contain. Or the filling in our teeth containing mercury that are bad four our health but would be too expensive to remove.

Have you ever been on a diet?

Well, a lot of us have especially when growing older and becoming more comfortable and the pace slowed down than in the youth when you were still “going places”.

Anyway, why is it that when you are on a diet just one failure, once wrong step always ruins it all and then you think you have a good excuse just going on eating in the wrong way for the rest of the day, and get an even better excuse to continue eating that way for the rest of the week as you are filled with your feeling of disappointment, self-loathing and guilt. Why not just accept the fact you made a mistake after having eaten your chocolate bar or what ever and continue as nothing had happened after having eaten it?

It is just like all these New Year’s resolutions. You might honestly mean it when you make them, but sticking to them is hard as hell. Dieting, or quitting any bad habit like smoking, is a question of a change in your lifestyle, to change your behaviour and normally that is not an easy thing to do. It is not made just out of the spur of the moment’s inspiration; you have to adjust into a new way of thinking and acting, and that normally takes time…anyway, just back on the waggon again asap after your error.

God, I need some more tea as I really don’t know where I am going with this today!


  1. Take Action to End Fluoridation

    Online Petition to End Fluoridation and call for a Congressional Hearing


    Sponsored by the Fluoride Action Network http://FluorideAction.Net

  2. Wow, I had no idea there is a petition against fluoride in drinking water! Please sign it if you think it is appropriate and you are resident in Finland.