Friday, 12 October 2007

Cake from hell

Birthdays are always nice, and I am especially fond of little children’s birthdays.

The small children show their feelings with absolute honestly in opposition of grown-ups who always pretend liking their presents instead of stating their opinions. Even when you are asking and saying you can get it changed into something else they still pretend to like something that you obviously can see was no to their liking in order to be polite. Where as a little child really cares about the gifts and begins to play with them at once, ignoring the rest of the presents is reluctantly persuaded by its' mother into taking part in opening of the rest of the presents.

Anyway, here we come to the cake part. I am very fond of cooking and I enjoy my fair share of baking as well but I am not too fond of eating cakes and avoid them. And avoiding eating them has become an art form for me which most hostesses are completely aware of in advance and they do not insist on me having any cake. Well so did this hostess as well, and she did not insist on me having cake, she was loudly telling me to eat it in front of all the other guests. Afterwards I kept wondering about why she did it, as she has been aware of my eating customs for years and came to the conclusion that she was making it a show.

The occasion itself was quite dull with all the respective grandparents present and a handful of friends to the family and in my mind I got stuck on the paternal grandfather having repeatedly been on about how “only stupid people get fat”, that it is only “a matter eating too much with too little exercise” and with this referring to his daughter in law who has just quit breastfeeding the younger one a while ago after having had two children with only one year in between.

When asking about it on the phone she told me her father in law has been nagging her about her weight ever since she got pregnant with her first child and nobody any longer pretends to hear his remarks on the subject and that she snaps back at him when given the occasion. Hope she does not get into baking a special cake for just her father in law…

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