Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Too much of the good

Having had a very busy autumn and Xmas time an acquaintance of the family just got one weeks sick leave as she cut his finger on chip and not of course being allowed to work in her profession with open wounds because of the infection risk with his four stitches right next to his left hand thumb, she was ordered one week to let it heal, remove the stitches and then go back to work.

This actually came in very conveniently for her as she had not had any vacation and only a few days off once for almost two years and here am I being busy entertaining her. I would not quite say she is a pain in the a** but she is a bit tedious right at this instance as I have things I would have needed to be done, my special favourite hate object number one, official paper work with of course a deadline to be handed in promptly, and being brought up to be polite I have no idea of how to tell her about it. She is a good friend, and I love her dearly but as I am used to being home alone minding my own business all day long, she is a drag to have to entertain as she has thought of nothing better to do than visit her friend. At least she goes home to her family in the evenings and is not spending the nights here as well, so I might catch up with the deadline in time anyway.

Having a friend over is nice of course for a while, but her spending the day here with endless chats over coffee that keeps on going for days is not my cup of tea, if you get what I mean. Thank god there still was some cake left over from Sunday to go with the endless cups of coffee, and tomorrow I have a previous appointment I can not get out of.

Sometimes there can be too much of good things.

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