Thursday, 7 February 2008

Terrorist threat to Finnish Embassy

The Finnish embassy in Kenya has three times by e-mail been warned against a planned terrorist threat originating from Ethiopia and the Kenyan police are now investigating where the warnings have been sent from.

In the mean while the security has been tightened on the embassy premises, as the Finnish prime minister takes them seriously. The main question here remains; why on earth make warn the Finnish diplomats, what have the Ethiopians against Finland? The threat is not believed to have any connection with the current unstable political situation in Kenya.

Anyway, there is one thing going on in this country right now that people in general are speculating might make the current administration crumble down. That is the governments’ part-ownership in the forest products giant Stora Enso that are closing their mills in Finland. Especially their mill in Kemijärvi is considered to be deadly serious business and the prime minister has been visiting the Kemijärvi area in order to try and calm down the soon-to-be unemployed. 300 hundred demonstrators also took the train to the capital Helsinki in order to protest against the decision to close the mill, marching the three block distance from the railway station to the steps up to the house of parliament, where a series of speeches were held.

As the mill is the main mean of employment in the Kemijärvi area, its closing most surely will have devastating effects on the whole business situation in the area resulting in a general depression in regional economy.

Well, here I have to ask one thing, might this have anything to do with the effects of the long and tedious strike the paper worker’s union undertook two years ago during the summer? That forest industry companies re-localize their manufacturing to other countries with more affordable wages and with maybe employees more keen to keep their jobs which will be more cost effective in the long run.

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