Monday, 25 February 2008

Another fabulous day

Some days really are a drag, and this certainly was one more of them, the ones you really could do without ever having to experience.
The morning went well with a nice late breakfast spent mostly in bed watching TV, but as the day went on things changed. The day was planned for some browsing on some nearby flea markets, just to get out and see if anything worth the while might find itself a new home with us. Walking out to the car I of course fell head over heels on the icy ground that had been concealed with fresh snow during the night scratching my both knees and right hand in the fall. So I had to get back inside and get changed as I was bleeding all over my jeans and the woolly I was wearing. Having rinsed off most of the blood from my wounds and leaving the clothes to soak in cold water in order to remove the blood stains, we happily left home and went shopping.

Nothing really worth to mention as bargain on any of the visited flea markets we did a few acquirements anyway and went home for some nice afternoon tea and that is the point I would like to do without of yesterday. Kettle on but with a loose lid on is not a good combination for this accident prone female and here we went again, of course the lid came off when I was pouring the hot boiling water into the teapot, and of course I burned my hand. Fortunately it was just my right hand, and not the pair of them, but it still was the already once injured one from the same morning.

When bleeding is hard to stop you sometimes use the measure of burning the wound, but a fresh wound that has just settled and is still throbbing is not a very delicious combination. The burns were as severe that I for some time actually considered seeking medical help for them but the some what surprisingly sounding house remedy of pouring as hot water on your burns as you can stand for as long as you can take it with out screaming too much is remarkable and helped once again. And the chamomile and St John’s Wort ointment is also another remarkably soothing thing to smear in on any kind of cuts, bruises or burns. Mind you this was not a minor burn but still treatable at home as result of the hot water treatment.

Still cooking had to be performed by someone, and that meant it was not the dinner we were supposed to be having.

Thank God for offspring and a taste for Mexican spicy food in crusty corn shells.

But this typing is no fun as it is.

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