Thursday, 21 February 2008

Nothing done

This week has so far been a real drag with the ongoing winter vacation with the offspring being free from school, and friend that was off last week for her stitched thumb injured a second finger.

The next finger in line it seems as she continued by her left index finger, this time on her free time when cooking and once again the wound got stitched and she has a second week off from work. This means she has once again been visiting me more than usual, that it day time and I have got absolutely nothing at all done this week, as you probably can see by the lack of postings on my Blog.

Anyway, today on the 21st of February is the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Finno-Russian war.

Two hundred years ago the Russians declared war on Sweden by attacking Finland and thus Finland became a part of the Russian empire instead of having until then been a part of the Swedish kingdom. Maybe I should proclaim some kind of state of emergency in order to get things done by stipulating a time when nobody is to disturb me as close enough to be able to get by me allowing them to disturb me are all aware of my blogging. Do not disturb between the hrs 10-12 am for instance. But then it really is up to me to tell them that, not to just leave a sign attached to the door for them to read.

At Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the northern Atlantic, or might it actually be the arctic sea as it really is way, way up north, they had an earthquake with a 6,2 on the Richter scale. I have never ever heard of any earthquakes in the Nordic countries except for Iceland where there is substantial seismic activity going on all the time. This actually reminds me of a subject I wanted to blog about already some time ago, but I guess I will have to get back to you on that in due time, maybe tomorrow already I will have time to elaborate on some ideas about the possessions of Icelandic investment companies in Finland, as they currently own more than just shares of the Finnish airline Finnair that I have mentioned about earlier.

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