Friday, 15 February 2008

Kissed and told

The Finnish prime minister is today appearing in a court case as a private citizen where charges are pressed in the Helsinki District Court against his former girl friend that kissed- and told with her book about their time of courting.

The prime minister only filed a complaint against the publisher of the book and not his former girlfriend, but the prosecutor is apparently seeking damages from both the publisher and the former girl friend. The prime minister has said that he wants to openly discuss the principle at stake, that there must a limit on to how much invasion of the privacy of public figures the media actually can make, as there so far has been no precedent case of this kind in Finland.

This case is expected to could set guidelines on how privacy laws apply to public figures and it will significantly have an impact on what can be made public in the media from now on here in Finland.

Anyway, I better get going as I have my book illustrator coming to work for the weekend and need to get stocked up with some groceries in order to cope with the weekend provisions. More time for work and less time needed for shopping and cooking. Sad that our book is about our cat, maybe an illustrated book about the Finnish prime minister would have been easier and more worth the money to sell to some publisher.

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