Friday, 8 February 2008

Horror movies

The hard rock band Lordi, that also won the Eurovision contest in the year 2006, has now moved on to making horror movies. A Finnish horror movie, unique in its’ kind as there is a fairly small market for horror movies here in Finland, the movie is ready made in English for a more international market had its’ premiere yesterday.

The monster rockers of Lordi are fitted into the story just as they are, monsters that are just there to scare you.

The bands promotion videos have already been in that genre and the identities of the band members are still not publicly known. Strangely enough the general idea seems to be that the band was formed just before the Eurovision contest which is absolutely not true as the band apparently has been kicking and alive for a decade already.

Finally the water situation is getting back to normal in the city of Nokia as the municipal water now has been tested negative for any further contamination and the city council is to discuss when and how to get back to normal tap water usage by next week.

In the same small town of Nokia also alleged serial killings were discovered last year. A nurse was been accused of inducing deaths of three with insulin and attempted to kill two more people in the same way. Now as it seems to be impossible to prove the origin of the insulin in the dead bodies, as there is no laboratory in the world that can determine whether the insulin was natural or where it originated from so there might be a miss trial in the case.

I have been quite curious about the reason why she has killed these people, if she wanted to help and they were mercy killings or what. Guess we’ll never know.

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