Thursday, 14 February 2008

Cold Valentine’s

The celebration of the last school day for the soon to be graduates from upper secondary schools in Finland celebrated with their traditional parades on around the country in more cold weather than we have been accustomed to this winter.

Hard wind gusts were blowing straight across the arctic from the North Pole but this had none what so ever effect on the traditional celebrations for the students parading from the back of lorries throwing sweets at the spectators and people passing by. A very cold Valentine’s Day is celebrated today.

This year more than 40.000 students are taking their final exams beginning in a month’s time. This is the day the second year students become eldest in their schools, which is traditionally celebrated by having a formal dress ball tomorrow night in each upper secondary school in the country.

This means there might be some problems concerning how to dress and behave to deal in the near future, as well as someone in the house studying, or at least pretending to be studying. Fortunately there have already been discussions about having ambulating study sessions at several school mates’ homes, which might be a good idea at least from my point of view.

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