Wednesday, 6 February 2008

On coffee again

The town of Nokia is still suffering of lack of potable water as they still are waiting for the results of the cleaning of the contamination from its municipal water in some areas of the town. The chloride levels in the water were temporarily raised sky high in order to flush out the impurities and people were asked to run the tap water in order to get the water pipes clean.

The last results of the water’s purity is expected by end of this week and then hopefully life can go back to normal for the last 10.000 inhabitants in the last and worst contaminated part of the town after having been on detention from tap water and having to collect it at these special drinking water distribution stations all over town since beginning of December last year. I can only imagine the trouble you have to go through for making one single cup of coffee, which reminds me; our house is more peaceful now than it has been for the past three weeks as dear spouse of mine is once again allowed two cups of his accustomed coffee. One in the morning before he leaves for work and the second one that the two of us have together when he arrives home after a hard days work. Which is a nice custom as we share what has happened during the day over the coffee, a moment for just the two of us every day as routine?

All raw vegetables are back on the menu, as well as is his favourite rye bread that was the second thing he missed the most being on this scientific “we will then know” diet his doctor ordered, only thing missing is dairy products and as the air home nowadays is less polluted by bad fumes our dear docto0nr must’ve been right. Not that I doubt him, as I notice the pleasant outcome, but it might have been something else, not necessarily more serious but something that would not have been quite as obvious as this lactose intolerance is.

At least there will be no more grunting about “coffee this and coffee that” anymore when out on town on our almost weekly shopping trips to town, dear husband and I with an occasional impromptu coffee and cake break.

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