Thursday, 29 November 2007

Mildewy Opera Festival

Olavinlinna castle in the town of Savonlinna in eastern Finland near the Russian border, holds the Savonlinna Opera festival every summer but next summer the festival might be at stake.

The Finnish Board of Antiques has detected a mildew problem in the castle, which would be hazardous to professional singers’ voices, and the wall behind the main stage is at risk of crumbling down. The castle is estimated to need repairs for at least half a million euros in order to be able to host the next festival and the works need to begin earliest possible in the beginning of next year. The half a million euros is half the cost of what annually is reserved to maintain 400 most important historical buildings in all of Finland so it still remains to be revealed who will finance the needed restoration works. The Savonlinna Opera festival has been held on and off since 1912 and concurrently in the month of July since 1967 almost as long as I am old.

Anyway, the weather has been lovely even though it has been a bit colder than before but that is winter arriving. They still have not been able to go ice fishing yet, my dear husband and his colleague, but they have been handy shopping some Xmas presents in advance to my great relief and satisfaction.

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