Sunday, 18 November 2007

Drinks around the clock?

As morning TV has become some what of an obsession for me living here in Finland, I tend to check the different channels zapping around each morning and so this Sunday.

There are several channels with various chat-programs during the nights and some of them continue until late afternoon and here I stumbled upon one thing I have never, ever seen on TV, at least in Finland that is. The show itself is not that different from any of the ones I have seen, but the state of the host was.

Someone hosting a show, despite the hosting of the show consisting merely of being in the TV screen, reading out a loud what the chatters sending ever so expensively textmessges on their mobile phones to the screen and she comments upon them and here this young girl was absolutely pissed!

Well, she might maybe, have been under the influence of some other not as legal substance as alcohol as well, who am I to determine that from this side of the screen but she could hardly sit still, not to mention focusing on anything except on and off sipping from a Sesame-street coffee mug, I think it was the head of the animal and I doubt she was having coffee.

She admitted that she was due for “the brunch” show this morning, as the show is called, but I got the impression she was covering for someone who had gotten ill during the night. I think it is a disgrace, seeing someone being that far out that early in the morning.

Or maybe she just continued straight from the bar in the morning and was having drinks around the clock trying for a world record?

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