Sunday, 11 November 2007

Baby girl coming

The mass resignations of nurse’s union is a well disputed issue here at the moment, according to most Gallups done in the past days most citizens are positive to the measures of the union as

The government is still rushing a bill of proposition during the weekend in order to have it law ready for polling in parliament on Monday coercing nurses to work in order to maintain patient safety no matter if they are retired, have resigned or are not working out of any other reasons. It does begin to sound a bit like conscripts to be sent to the frontline in war but then the Finnish words used in media on the matter are very warlike; measures of combat, working combat, ”wages conflict”, warning of working combat for example.

Today, the second Sunday in November, Father’s day is celebrated in Finland. The customs arrived from the US through Sweden about 50 years ago and it has become a national flagging day during the decades. The award for father of the year has been granted for the second time and he is chosen from a list of candidates compiled by The Finnish Equality Negotiation board.

We celebrated father in our family in a different way, we went to visit a family with kittens and are having a family addition in two weeks time of a little girl kitten. This will make a nice change as well to our lives as to our little cat mister who has been feeling ever so blue since his mum died almost two months ago. Guess it will give him something else to think about and keep him busy bossing around the little kitten.

I guess we all will be busy warding her off electrical cords and other stuff. The offspring has to get their rooms into kitten welcoming condition, without any life threatening hazards lying temptingly around in corners. So now we’re stuck with taking care of a baby girl now and the going won’t calm down until she’s grown up about this time next year.

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