Monday, 5 November 2007

Lack of snow and more talking

The opening event of the FIS slalom world cup scheduled to be held this weekend Levi in Finnish Lapland is moved from to Reiteralm in Austria, because of a lack of snow.

After a very mild month of October, there was no snow at all in Levi early in last week and it was not cold enough until last Friday in order to make some snow artificially. As the forecasts predict milder temperatures and the skiing slopes had only got between 20 to 60% of the needed slow keeping the venue in Levi would have been too risky. Still the cancellation of the alpine skiing event this year is a major setback for the tourist industry of Finnish Lapland but there are hopes for the future as the opening event of FIS slalom world cup is set to take place in Levi the four next coming years.

I have finally got my new specs and now I can see! What a relief, no more squinting in order to see things. Anyway, the British company Specsavers have finally arrived here in Finland as well so it is sad I got my new ones before, but guess this gives me a chance to get a new second pair to have ready having displaced the ordinary pair as that seems to happen annoyingly often. More time is some days spent searching for the specs than using them it seems.

Anyway, radio stations here in Finland need licenses in order be allowed to broadcast their program on the air and 15-30% of their time on the air should be talk according to their licenses. The radio stations just recently checked had too little talking on their broadcasts and they will be asked for explanations of why this is the fact.

This more talking seems to be against the overall trend as many people just want the music with the minimum amount of talking in between the songs. The disc jockey, or should it be radio jockey, is better off just announcing the name of the artist or band together with the name of the song. Period.

The more music the better the radio station, and this is not only my opinion but most of the people I have talked to think the same. There are of course some talk shows worth listening to, especially in the mornings and if you are into talk shows then tune into one radio station with more talking. I definitively prefer more music with less talking!

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