Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Easier getting visas

Finland is planning new visas for foreigners searching for work and the new visa would allow foreigners to search for employment for up to six months while staying in Finland. This would also mean that you would also be able to begin working immediately after having found a job, instead of having to return to your home country in order to apply for a residence permit. Currently Finland only grants visiting visas valid for up to three months.

Anyway, today the Finnish designer Marimekko announced that they have cancelled all their consignments from their contractor, Borås Väveri that I mentioned about yesterday as it is containing cotton originating from child labour in Uzbekistan. It is the first Finnish company doing so since the revealing Swedish TV program that was aired yesterday.

I guess this is another main reason against outsourcing all manufacturing to countries with cheaper labour as the cheaper labour might consist of exploited children which is not that ethic. At least it does not look good in the headlines. It makes god headlines though, and they say that any publicity is good publicity but I still wonder.

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