Saturday, 24 November 2007

Finally home

We got our little baby girl home and there has been no rest since.

She has been all over the place, well that is all places she has been able to climb up to so far and she moves fast. Her time awake is spent running from one point to another, hanging from anything she can hang from and eating. The food is gulped down, she eats more than our adult cat and goes to the litter so frequently that I have to clean it several times a day in order to keep up with her.

The first night I had to get up and feed her several times and get her to the cat litter but now she already knows her way around the place. I am amazed that such a tiny creature is capable of so much.

Our older mister has been a bit wary of the new comer as he does not want to loose his dignity acquired over the years caught in action playing with a kitten. But I guess that will come in due time when he has come to terms with the idea she is staying for good. Fortunately, he was there to see and care for his younger brothers and sisters as he was from the first litter of the ten kittens his mother had. He knows our little baby girl is a little kitten and has been acting accordingly, he just walks away when she gets too informal with him and jumps up somewhere high and safe she can not yet reach up to.

So far out little one has not announced her name; there have not been any significant characteristics either so she is currently just the tiny one. We were at one time considering calling her Jane Doe.

Liquorice is the only one she has been responding to since she arrived but I doubt that will be an appropriate name for her even though there is an S in it. I have been told that cats would respond better to names containing an S-sound but so far even using the wrong name has made the culprit in question to responding to the call.

So sad it only works with cats and not as well with the offspring.

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