Friday, 28 September 2007

Technical problems

Moving my Blog here seems to have been a success, many readers have followed the link here but I had technical difficulties with getting into my account, not out of bad memory, forgetting my password, but with accessing the Net. Nothing wrong with the cords, the adapter or the PC, just the socket to plug into for accessing the Net.

After awhile of trying various combinations to find out which was causing the problem, changing the socket did the trick. Strange, one moment it worked and in the second the connection just went dead so now I have to call the janitor about it.

Anyway, there are a surprising amount of small beer and cider breweries around Finland.

Wait a minute, do you brew cider?

There are also some restaurants that brew their own beer, lager and stout and it has grown quite big here in Finland. I think this is nice even though I am not personally into beer, am more of a cider woman.

Anyway, both bars and supermarkets nowadays keep in stock many differently flavoured ciders and I am especially fond of the light ciders as I am no huge fan of sugar and sweet things and a long the years I have come to taste many excellent ciders to remember but astonishingly much awful stuff. My personal favourite has for many years now been the Vanilla light cider which at first only was sold in the Christmas season but now is available all year around. Two to remember to avoid are the blueberry cider together with the lime flavoured cider. I have never really tasted dishwater but I remember blowing soap bubbles in my childhood and the taste was similar enough. A Salmiakki cider also comes in mind as not being good, at least according to my taste that is. I think it is good that everyone has something to their taste and I enjoy trying new things, new flavours even if I might not like them.

Learning new things and getting new experiences makes life worth living.

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