Thursday, 20 September 2007

Global gambling

The Helsinki Stock market was bought by the Swedish stock market a few years back and joined into a joint stock exchange called the OMX consisting of the Nordic stock markets and some Baltic countries stock markets.

Recent takeover battle is for the OMX is finally at and end after an unexpected twist that the OMX board has given their okay to. The two rivals NASDAQ and UAE-based Bourse Dubai first competed of total ownership but they have now teaming up and sharing the ownership of the OMX.

NASDAQ buys OMX to join it as a part to itself and Bourse Dubai becomes a big part-owner of NASDAQ with fifth ownership. This also means that Bourse Dubai also owns a great part of the London stock exchange. According to the CEO of NASDAQ this is a one of a kind deal and the world now has a leading super stock exchange dealing in all market areas.

Well I wonder how it will affect us all, globally, when economics begin to slide like for instance the depression in the early 1900’s or the UShouse loans market has done recently. This begins to remind me more and more of hazardous global gambling as every stock exchange now is interlinked with each other and I guess then the s*** really hits the fan then.

Anyway, I never cease to wonder about al these pageant competitions and just the other day spotted a new one I have not yet laid my eyes in one of the Finnish magazines on so far here in Finland. A Miss grandmother pageant. Okay, miss is unmarried to my knowledge, and a grandmother is not supposed to be unmarried as she has children and grandchildren. I have not altogether not got why to compete in beauty and looks, it’s like cattle on the market lined up to be sold to the biggest bidder. I can understand the point of wanting older women to accept they are not twenty and something anymore, I mean I am forty something by now and I do not feel dead and buried yet as fashion magazines have tried to brainwash us women to believe.

I was yesterday horrified when watching a TV programme about plastic surgery in Hollywood. I mean plastic surgery done on the most private female parts, is there any part of the body that they can not change the looks, or as in this case the feel of? How superficial can people get, are we just about how we look? Chasing the perfect body, face, liposuction on this, lifting this, botoxing that and in the end you have no family resemblance.

I do not consider myself the beauty queen, I guess I am more the ugly duckling that grew into a swan when growing up, but I consider my brain capacity more important than my looks. And there is a great difference between mum at home, mum going out shopping or appearing on social occasions but I still am the same person underneath the make-up.

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