Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The end?

Shoplifting is more common in Finland than average in western European countries and most of it is done by the employees according to the newspapers. Finland is at the same time ranked high with low corruption according to research, I just wonder where the logic is. You can steal but not take bribes; do what ever you want to as long as you are not caught?

I have spent the most exhausting time at the vet’s with the elder of our cats and the prognosis is not a good one, possibly we might be with just one single cat this time next week but seeing your loved pet as poorly as it is at this time just makes your heart ache, you do not want to inflict them any more misery or suffering than necessary and an act of love is to know when to let go. Sometimes I wonder about euthanasia, we are allowed to help our beloved pet animals to go when they suffer, but if we ourselves when sober and at full mental capacity declare that we do not want to be kept alive artificially by machines then nobody takes any notice of it anyway.

I seem to be getting back to this ethics again, and the issues still has not become less hard to handle. At least now we will have one more week to prepare for the death of one of our family members, and looking from the brighter side, it might be false alarm as the vet made two different diagnoses with two completely different outcomes. Either it works with the treatment or it makes the situation worse and we will be going back to the vets for the final.

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