Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Finland rocks!

Finnish rock music is doing well at the moment on the rock-singles list in the UK this week.

The band HIM is on 1st place with their song “The Kiss of Dawn” from their album “Sire” closely followed by Nightwish on 2nd place with their song “Amaranth” from their album Nuclear Blast. Nightwish also has a placement further down on the same list on 18th place with their song “Nemo” from the same album. I wonder if that ever had happened before, two Finnish rock bands on the top of the rocks.

I can’t say either of them is a favourite of mine, they are as good as I listen to their songs when played on the radio but it is nice to see that Nightwish is doing so well as they just got a new lead vocalist and that always changes the sound of a band.

Also Finnish film is doing well, they might be a bit off stream compared to Hollywood but the Finnish film director Aleksi Salmenper√§ has just been nominated for the Academy Award, an Oscar nomination for next year in the 79th Academy Awards for the his film, “Miehen ty√∂”, A mans work. Guess this is not the first time a Finnish film has been nominated, nor a Finnish film director getting nominated and at least one Finnish producer has actually won an Oscar, but according to my knowledge some Finnish film directors have refused to take part in the Academy Awards out different political issues during the years and then gone on winning awards at other Film festivals like the annual Cannes Film Festival that has been around almost as long as the Oscars.

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