Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Cutting edge

A Finnish citizen has brought suit in a Russian court seeking the return of family property in former Finnish territories of Carelia annexed by the Soviet Union following World War II in the first case of its kind. Since a decision in this case is expected to set a precedent, the court proceedings are expected to be lasting at least a year and the case will be pursued as far as the Russian Supreme Court by the plaintiff.

The disputed property is a plot of land originally owned by the man's father in the city of Vyborg but Monday it was still undetermined whether the defendant is to be the City of Vyborg or the local district.
One problem that comes to my mind though, this is not the
Soviet Union we are talking about anymore. Russia is a completely different country today and I really wonder what difference this case will make. No other countries have to my knowledge given back any land territories acquired in a war when sued in a court of law anywhere so why should it be the case now when it was not the same country then that it is today?

Maybe the purpose is just to make headlines, their “fifteen minutes of fame”.

Anyway, I just had my friend on the phone about a new revolutionizing knife that was advertised in TV shop, the Sonic Blade, an electrical knife with two moving blades that can cut through just anything.

I have trouble with ordinary knives, to keep my fingers out of the way when cutting and chopping so I just began to wonder how dangerous this Sonic Blade really can be, “cutting through just anything with ease” so my fingers would soon just be a memory. Cutting with plain ordinary knives requires a certain technique in order to succeed with the task at hand together with proper maintenance, that is sharpening them often enough to keep them at cutting edge and it is not really a question of raw power as they want make feasible in the advertisement.

I can only imagine the two moving blades of this lethal kitchen knife as there is no way one of them is coming near my kitchen or my hands for that matter.

So this girlfriend of mine is now enthusiastic about the knife and is considering buying one, which will be against my strong recommendations but then she has never before taken my advice against buying any junk from TV shop in earlier days. So I guess I better get her some band aids to store in her kitchen cupboard the ready at hand when needed as I don’t think this is a question of “if” needed in this case.

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