Saturday, 1 September 2007

Fur coats and salmon

Yesterday about 2500 minks were let loose from a fur farm here in Finland. I do not agree with Homo Sapiens keeping animals just to skin them for their precious fur but using the hide of other animals we eat the meat of I think is acceptable, then you make use of it all instead of keeping these fur farms with caged in foxes, minks or what ever, fair would be to have to go out and hunt the animals you want for your fur coat.

Something for us ladies to think about maybe, first taking shooting lessons and going on hunting trips in order of acquiring our precious and sought after fur coats? At least it would be fairer to the animals as you just might miss your shot. And besides, then it would not just be money talking, you would have to do something yourself in order to get your fur coat also keeping in mind how the actual killing itself would affect each hunter. At least you would have to make an honest decision about being a murderer and not blaming it on somebody else and not taking the responsibility of it.

Letting the minks loose in the nature is bad for the environment with most of the minks never captured and as minks are notorious of killing everything and anything just for the sake of killing, considering the killing a fun pastime and do not do it out of hunger like other carnivores, the minks kill just for kicks the surrounding wildlife suffers for long time afterwards. The same effect some human hunters also just do it for the fun of shooting, not to eat what they have killed out on the loose in the woods. But are there ever as many as 2500 hunters out in the same woods at the same time killing everything they come across?

Luckily the minks were set free now and not in the spring with the birds nesting and other animals having given birth to their little babies in the spring time.

Anyway, getting a discount or having a sale has an extraordinary effect on people and so also here in Finland. Especially old people and retirees apparently have to time to drive from one supermarket to another in order to get the cheapest price available on their groceries, but has anyone of them even though about how much it costs in petrol driving for kms more than you would need, or the effect of the carbon oxide on the environment?

Anyway, today I experience chaos in the shopper’s heaven, in a supermarket. Norwegian salmon was on offer for a real bargain price but the salmon did not arrive in time for opening in the morning and still at midday when we went into this particular supermarket I am there still was no salmon. When we were there it was to arrive in twenty minutes, well we left without buying any as we weren’t there for the fish in the first place, but seeing all these people coming from a distance to get the cheap salmon and to their disappointment finding out there was n one, and the crowds that was built in front of the fishmongers, well you can imagine when people are promised something to eat and they do not get it. Many apparently decided to stay on and wait for the salmon’s arrival as the supermarket got more and more crowded while we still were in there.

Food that was promised and none given resulting in riots, does that sound familiar at all?

Well, that is how the French revolution began in 1789, no bread for the people. I doubt it would spark up a revolution here in Finland as people of today are way too well behaved. People just queue their time and then resign without complaining, even if disappointed when not getting any salmon for the right price. I personally prefer the wild Baltic Sea salmon with its’ paler meat from the cultivated Norwegian salmon that has been fed colorants to achieve it’s orange colour.


  1. It's funny how you critisize the grannies who go shopping by car and pollute.

    You're cueing for Norwegian salmon that has been flown to Finland. Why don't you buy local stuff is you're so environmentally aware?

  2. I did not buy any Norwegian salmon, I buy wild Baltic Sea Salmon, I just wondered about the rush the Salmon on offer created in the supermarket. And I am not critisizing, just wondering about the cost efficiency about driving around for your foodstuff. Guess it is as good as any other hobby, just concerned about the global warming.
    Wishing you all a nice day!