Friday, 14 September 2007

Passing it on

Ever since the first portable telephones arrived for the public to use an endless discussion about the health hazards of mobile phones has been going on and just recently one more Finnish study discovered no health risks from the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phones.So no health hazards there.

Now as we run towards the colder weather of autumn and the returning of winter in a few months time the influenza and the colds hit the population. There always is someone who knows best how to treat it and the treatment vary with the country they originate from and you try them out with great disappointment. Some say a hot bath and a brandy does it, well I have tried, was warm and nice and I got tipsy enough to have fun but it did not really help the flu I was coming down with. Some garlic boiled in milk served together with honey, well the cough just got worse with the slime the milk produced. Chamomile tea with honey is not a bad idea, it has been tried so many times in our family that we know it does the trick but it is not fast enough to stop an oncoming flu or cold.

Echinacea Purpurea is an herb that has proven good effect and when using it, the worse it tastes, the better you need it. Sometimes it kind of burns of your tongue when taking it as it is to be taken orally, and other times you don’t even feel a anything, not even the slightest sting.

Anyway, at last but not the least to cure a cold is by far the funniest way according to me. By the time of Beaujolais Nouveau arriving in the liquor stores on the third Thursday of November every year you buy all the sorts they supply to try at home, which here in Finland normally is just the two. Invite al your friends to try the wine in good company with some good food, then you at least have a nice time but it rarely does anything for your cold, except you passing it to your friends as a present. They still would have gotten it anyway, just rarely maybe not all at the same time and you all had a good time.

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