Friday, 10 March 2006


Strikes seem to be the main issues here in Finland now.
I wonder about the paper and pulp factory workers that now are complaining about the companies discussing some lay-offs and the workers being made redundant as the paper business has not recovered since the long strike the employees carried out last summer

If the employees are on a strike for weeks and months, of course the result is missed orders for the factory resulting in decreased need for employees. Demand on the market prices the product.

I mean, and do excuse my language, if you need to wipe your bottom, you can't wait for the strike to end before you wipe it because you've run out of paper, can you?!?

You have just got to get some paper, any paper and fast!
Thank God at least the transport-strike has ended now so I will neither run out of milk for my tea nor toilet-paper... And the garbage will be collected again!

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