Saturday, 4 March 2006

Invitations by texting

The weather has been really nice this weekend. It has not been too cold for any outdoor-sports but I have stayed indoors anyway, cuddled up in my bed reading a good book and a nice cup of tea feeling lazy. I am glad there are no dinner-parties needing to attend to neither to host any.

Just in two weeks time there is an occasion I have to host, a birthday-party, so am doing some planning already. The invitations were already sent but I have not yet got their answers back and they are not due until next Sunday at latest by either e-mail or SMS or text-message.

Text-messaging is quite handy in these matters, absolutely ghastly impersonal, but still it is in the persons hand and can't be forgotten about in the same way as an invitation card could get misplaced.

I actually made the invitations by phone, but sent a reminder about it by e-mail as this is more a casual gathering and not THE social event of the year.

As rest of Europe has become more snow that usual, at the same time we have just had our even every year share of it, even though they say it is more wintry now than usually this year of spring, cause it is spring here even as you can't see it yet.

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