Monday, 27 March 2006

Bitchy little teen-princesses in high-tech world!

I guess this has not merely in problem in Finland but has become a globally growing problem. Kids are a great thing, you wait for them to be born, then you wait for them to begin to talk, and when they come to their teens you wait for them to just shut up!

Today’s advanced communication technology with medias such as mobile-phones, e-mails, blogs and various chat-platforms such as messenger and likes, offer our little teen-princesses great many ways to make each others lives very uncomfortable to live. They are highly tuned and refined ways ready and at hand at most times and handy weapons in making each others lives living hell every day.

Goodbye smoking guns and OK Corral, here comes dirty high-tech duels!

A new girl moves into town and one of the girls in her class does not like this newcomer. So here we go then. First just ordinary little bitchy comments in school, not pretending to see each other, talking behind backs, just the ordinary stuff that we used to do ourselves when teens.

Well, here it becomes nasty.
Then they begin to argue, act hostile, send text-messages, write harassing e-mails to each other back and forth, write really nasty things about each other on their blogs that everyone and anyone can see and this goes on for weeks before they tell any grown ups.

Well, when the parents finally get the word it already is a question about having stolen passwords and sending the harassing and abusive messages in someone else’s name! So a third girl that was not a part of it to begin with just got involved for being friends with the other counterpart! The scapegoat begins to be shunned by the other classmates and is left outside of many after school activities like parties and stuff.

School finally gets the hang of it and as this has begun to badly affect school work even though most of it has been going on after school hours, they choose to act and to begin to investigate what has been going on between the girls.

Now the soup gets stirred badly as the school selects the bits and pieces of the free-time they will ask about. So the bit about the stolen password just gets left outside and forgotten about. The two hostile counterparts are threatened by friends of the counterparts on the Net, on blogs, on Messenger and instant textmessages and thus the parents begin to accuse each other and their off-spring, school wants to wash their hands as all the parents in the class get drawn into the fight in one way or other…

So this is where the police and the social-workers become involved as this both sending abusive and threatening messages is a crime, and stealing passwords and pretending to be someone else also is. Even though our little teen-age princesses are just 14, minors and thus also untouchable by law.

So what is the outcome? I don’t know.

But I am quite sure it was much easier to handle these problems at OK Corral! They just fired their guns and someone died. Here people involved suffer for days, weeks even months and the wrongly accused for years if unlucky!!!

And I wish this was just the OK Corral and not the 21st century high-tech world!

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