Friday, 17 March 2006

Blondes do have more fun!

Funny this thing about blondes having more fun, they do actually have more fun and I can vouch for that! Blondes do have more fun! Funny, this statement about blondes having more fun. They do actually have more fun and I can vouch for that!

The general impression around the world seems to be that there are more blonde and beautiful women in Scandinavia, and thus also in Finland.

I am not sure whether that statement is true or not, but a lot of the women here have their hair-colour out of a dye-jar. Probably quite a few of the women used to be blonde when small and growing-up just made my hair go darker and the blonde traits disappeared in the end. So I think there has to be a distinction between real-blondes, used-to-be-real-blondes and dye-jar-blondes!

I mean, how is Beyonce for a blonde anyway?!?

So how do the blondes have more fun then?!? Well, most of the fun comes from getting your hair done! To be able to maintain a good-looking blonde hair-colour you have to go more often to the hairdresser’s than the rest of the population. The rest of us, well, we just go and get ourselves a good looking haircut and the hair done, but blondes dye the their hair, after that they have their roots done, or just go and get some sun kissed streaks in it on top of the haircutting.

So, they certainly get to spend more money at the hairdresser's.
And spending more money is fun! Isn’t it?

How the real blondes have more fun, well, that still remains a puzzle to me…

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