Sunday, 12 March 2006

Colder than usual.

This time of the year in March the temperature is normally a bit warmer here, at least here the southern parts of Finland.

According to the news it is supposed to be around 0 degrees +2 - +3 Celsius here during the days and dropping to a bit more below zero like -10 or something. The temperature being colder than it should be means the spring will take more time to come and also for the snow to melt.

This is a excellent in the Finnish point of view!

I have often wondered about their genuine joy for walking or skiing on the snow on the ice of the frozen lakes. So if I am really lucky will this year be able to see the Finns walking and skiing on the still frozen lakes by the midsummer festivities end of June, the highlight of Finnish summer!

Actually, to tell you the truth, up north in Lapland, they do have a skiing competition on real snow at Midsummer.

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