Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Quality time

Of course women and men should earn equal pay for the same job!

For instance, my husband could never cope with giving a dinner-party without any help and doing it all on his own. No chef, no caterer nor florist and especially no secretary to help with all that needs to be taken care of.
Just setting the table with all that it takes. The tablecloth, china, cutlery and glass-ware. Making the floral arrangements and keeping in mind about allergies. Getting the right ambiance with lights, candles and music. Designing a three- or four-course menu with the special-diets and food allergies your guests might have and combining it with the suitable wines. Doing the groceries and then cooking the meal and serving it at the right time with the right wine.
And if that is not enough, also being yourself fresh, properly made-up, dressed to the occasion, happy and smiling and not smelling of any cooking fumes when the guests arrive… Nothing you just swing out of the pantry!
But then... I would not want to be in my husbands shoes at his job because he has much bigger feet than me!

By the way, I never got any flowers for the Women's Day from my husband, but we did spend some good quality time together.

Late last night, just the two of us...

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