Saturday, 8 December 2007


The most common form of depression in Finland is so called winter depression coming from the lack of light during the winter months.

When you get the blues from the prevailing darkness you also tend to put on some extra weight and you suffer from constant exhaustion. You just want to sleep and can not get enough sleep. According to the research the use of so called bright light lamps for waking up in the morning can ease the depression and create more beneficial sleeping patterns together with obtaining healthier levels of hormones affecting the sleeping and waking cycle.

The most common cause for sick leave or for retiring from working life out of health reasons in Finland is burn out. This has now been found to have a close connection with liability to either have or get other diseases like depression and a lot of it is causes of the receding light in the beginning of the winter. Suffering from a burn out also, according to this research, makes you more liable to having a heart condition or a circulatory affection like hypertension and even some muscular affections like fibromyalgia.

They say trouble never comes alone, but I think it is unfair and it seems than some people just get more than their fair share of hard things in life to deal with. You get a burn out at work, go on sick leave to get better, you eat more as comfort, exercise less as you grow more fat. God I am depressed again!

Must be the winterblues again, maybe I should go lampshopping?

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