Monday, 10 December 2007

Ice melting

I seem to have been quite preoccupied about water at the moment, in one way or other.

The weather in Finland has been unusually warm for the season and the snow that we had melted away; there is only snow up in the northern most parts of the country at present, and the water levels had on Sunday risen in many rivers by 12 inches, or is you prefer by 30 cms with a risk of flooding like in springtime.

The ice on the lakes had melted thin like in spring and are no more to trust for walking on and there has already been 7 drownings due to the weak ice, as the Finns are passionate ice fishers. Even the police have been active in trying to make people get off the ice to avoid drowning. The weather has even been warm enough for dear husband of mine to collect some more tube formed Chanterelles on his walk on Sunday afternoon. And that I have not heard of anyone doing here in Finland, still picking edible mushrooms in December!

Now on Monday morning the water levels had decreased again so there was is imminent risk of flooding right now but it is depending on the coming weather if we are going to have a winter flooding this year a second time here in southern Finland as the rivers flooded already in January due to snow melting once earlier before the spring melting. Last spring flooding was much smaller than the average year already. This is good for the ground water levels as they had been drying up due to very dry, warm and sunny summer which now seems to have corrected itself.

And the weather is now to be a bit colder, with subzero temperatures in the whole country, at least for a couple of days. Maybe even the sun will be seen in the sky, which would be a nice change as it has been so murky lately.

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