Sunday, 30 December 2007

89% married first time

There are currently 2 million married people in Finland, which also can be conclude into 1 million ongoing marriages at this very moment, even to my ability of comprehending arithmetic’s. 89% of these married couples are married for the very first time but every 17th inhabitant in Finland end up remarrying at some point of their life as there are 200.000 married a the second time, about 2000 people in their fourth marriage and even a couple hundred of brave individuals who are married for the fifth time. Marrying for the fifth time must be quite an optimistic thing to do, you have not quit yet nor lost their belief in romance in the modern society of today, or then you are just plainly stupid. Who am I to tell?

Anyway, Xmas cards is one way of showing your friends how artistic you are, I must confess I have also committed that sin and to tell you the truth, quite often lately, even more than in my youth when I still was actively doing some painting. Many even turned up as birthday presents and wedding gifts, which were greatly appreciated as they were handmade but it seems fewer people, have the understanding for photographic art, or maybe it is as I see art presented as photographs they do not appreciate as much as they liked my paintings.

Better though is to have your kids do their art that is absolutely genuine and as contemporary as it can be. Save them as they might be worth a fortune when that little brat turns out to be the modern day Picasso, if you’re callous enough, or just save them as nice memories of one Xmas long time ago as precious mementos of a child you once knew.

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