Friday, 14 December 2007

Asked to resign from Nokia

The Nokia management is asked to resign and if it was the company called Nokia I meant, it sure would hit the news big worldwide but as it only is the management of the city council of the town of Nokia in Finland it is smaller news.

Still in the small town with 30.000 inhabitants with 9.000 names collected for the resignation of the town officials in charge when the municipal tap water was polluted by mixing it by mistake with sewage water with scarce info about it, this is big. What makes it funnier from my point of view is that in Finnish pipe, johto, also is management, so the water pipe is asked to resign if you want to get it “wrong”.

Anyway, now the traditional time for all Christmas charities is on and the streets are hit with Salvation Army soldiers with their chiming bells cauldrons to raise funds for people who have not enough top celebrate Xmas. Also on TV there are fundraising concerts to raise money for Hospital equipment. It seems strange in this country that is called a welfare state, that there are people who have not a home to stay in, or money to buy food. Nothing to be proud of really, but so far the weather has been warmer than usual so the homeless have not been freezing that much.


  1. WoW, this blog is fun! I am a Finnish living in California, and I know how diffrent perspective you have as a foreigner...I have to come back with more time. :))

  2. By the by, my best friend lives in Nokia and she told me how much this water-show have contected people...and best joke was:


  3. Well thank you for your nice comments! As sad as it has been this water issue in Nokia, one Finnish thing seems to be to be able to make jokes just about anything. You might not laugh at it right away, but given time and the more desperate the situation is the better the laughs, it seems.
    Wishing you all a a nice day!