Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Ban on Finnish

Uppsala municipality in Sweden is to ban the speaking of Finnish at work.

The largest group of immigrants in Sweden are the Finns and at some times Gothenburg is considered as one of the largest Finnish towns, as a joke of course. Anyway, there are large Finnish communities in many Swedish towns and as the Swedes do not understand Finnish they are now to prohibit talking it at work except when on their breaks. Well the same problem remains still, as there are many Finns living in Sweden since decades who do not talk Swedish well enough in order to cope in their daily lives and having an errand at the municipality on anything will then become more complicated as the municipal officials are no longer allowed to talk Finnish at work.

Is this not racism?

Anyway, now the time for sending off your Xmas cards on order fro them to arrive in time before the holidays is running up and I am as always a bit late with them so I better rush off and get them posted. The ones sent to abroad are going to be too late this year as I forgot all about it last week when they were due for arriving at their destinations in time.

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