Friday, 21 December 2007

Late nights and early mornings

I always have hated having to get to the airport early in the morning, which in this case more might like in the middle of the night to drive someone to the airport in order to catch an early morning flight.

I can never sleep in the night before worrying whether I’ll wake up by the alarm or not and there is no difference in me just dropping someone off at the airport or me boarding a flight. Add to this the fact that yesterday night was spent at a Christmas party you could not say no to out of obvious reasons having to stay until 1 AM in order to get up at 4 AM to get at the airport at 5.30 AM at latest in order to not miss the flight. Coming back home there was this beautiful almost full moon shining, hanging as low as almost dropping from the sky onto the treetops and then there was no sleep. It took me two days until I could sleep, I did try to catch a nap when sleepy and hardly no longer could stay awake, but by the time I got to my bed to catch a nap I was not tired and could not sleep anymore.

Anyway, the TV show Good morning Finland, which I usually refer to as morning TV, was formerly broadcasted live from the so called glass palace in central Helsinki and it was nice watching passers by making their way to their jobs in the morning, having a glimpse of the weather out the window behind the narrators and seeing the traffic passing by during the morning rush hours on one of the busiest streets in Helsinki city. I actually have no idea how long the show was broadcasted from the glass palace maybe longer than I have lived in Finland, but I do miss it, now the show seems so small, like cramped into a too small box, or room like in this case. No air to breathe.

Some things you just get accustomed to, like your morning cup of tea, or coffee for that matter if you are a coffee person, which I am not at least early in the mornings not even after a big sturdy breakfast.

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