Sunday, 14 May 2006

Self-made gift on Mother’s Day

The TV has lately been busy with giving us tips of what to get for mother on Mother’s Day. Traditionally in Finland you get her some flowers, preferably a self-made card by the kids and a nice gift, that also preferably self-made.

Daddy bakes a cake with the kids and cooks dinner. Imagine how messy the kitchen will be after daddy having cooked there with the off-spring, and if this is the only time in the year daddy does some cooking? Who does the cleaning but mommy?!? So I guess this is the most common gift to mother on Mother’s Day.

And what if mommy really likes her cooking and would prefer to do it herself like I do?

Another tip has been to not buy mother buy her something glamorous and romantic like lingerie or a necklace. Something “useless” and pretty and not any kitchen utensils or appliances. What if she wants a new toaster or a blender? Or the espresso-machine just broke down? Or she needs a new tea-pot like I do?!?

Why not really listen to what mother herself wants to do and have? You should know that much of your mother, and wife, at least. Flowers yes, or perfume perhaps is nice, but is she allergic?!? Chocolates, but is she on a diet?!?

Just be yourself and skip overdoing it on Mother’s Day. Ask mum what she wants!

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