Sunday, 7 May 2006

Knives and wildlife

Before I moved to Finland I had heard about the Finns always settling their differences with their knives. Well, I came here and was thrilled about the idea of men getting their knives out in the streets and having real knife-fights, and how disappointed was I to find out that no such things exists anymore. At least not living in a big town, maybe in the country-side far up north they might do in the woods.

Another big delusion for me when moving here was to find out that here are no polar-bears walking in the streets! You will certainly have to go to the US and Alaska for that. It would certainly be cold enough in the winters for the polar-bears even here in the southern part of this country.

But you do get bears around in the woods quite a lot. Never have seen one in the wild, but some friends live in the countryside nor far from here and they have a bear wandering around in their neighbour-hood in the woods. Imagine go out in the woods berry picking and walk head on into a hungry bear!

But the strangest things are quite rare and you do not see them much in big cities. They are easier to discover in small towns or villages a little off the beat so to say.

Imagine a young woman in her twenties, good looking. She has made her hair properly, done a nice, fresh looking make-up, high heel pumps and here we go!!! She is also wearing a track-suit!

Why bother with the hair-do and make up, and then wear high-heels to a track-suit?!? I have seen it several times during the years. So keep your eyes open look around you when you are as there are many of them to see, they are just hard to detect when dressed properly.

How is that for wildlife?

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