Friday, 12 May 2006

Credit-card in your own wrong name!

A friend of mine moved to Finland a couple of years ago and now recently opened a new banking account with her own brand new cash- and credit-card attached to it instead of a joint one with her husband.

Imagine her receiving the card and discovering that her name was wrong. Instead of using her full name, the bank had just used the first name together with her surname on her credit-card.

What heavenly delight to a credit-card in your own rich cousins’ name! Only sad it is not the same bank balance to go with the card. The name is exactly correct but completely wrong as my friend is called by her second name instead of her first name. As my friend has kept her maiden name when she married since it is quite uncommon, and her cousin has not yet married resulting in that they are named exactly the same. One is using her first name as her first and the other is using her second name as her first. Imagine trying to explain this to the police on day!

I guess that in some families just imagination for names run low.

Anyway, when talking to some other friends that are also foreigners or have returned to Finland after having been living for ears abroad, we discovered that his is a common problem here. All officials always take for granted that your first name is your first name. So please have a little more creativity when choosing the names of your children!

Hmmm…fun would be for twins though, to be named exactly the same. Nobody knows who is who anyway.

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