Monday, 1 May 2006

May Day

I have discovered that the celebration for May 1st always begins on the day before “Vapun Aatto” people gathering for Pique-niques and a nice time, students celebrating their examinations. Balloons, serpentines and streamers are sold for the children, and traditional “sima” to drink is a must together with “tippaleipä”. Nice food and lots of nice drinks and outdoors if the weather is as gracious as it has been this year.

The next day, on May Day itself, political parties have their marches for one cause or another as everywhere else in the world. But most students thought are sleeping late due to their late-night activities when politicians hold their traditional annual speeches missing most of the fun seeing the politicians keeping their annual speeches promising everything and keeping nothing of it.

The youth being the future maybe better is kept in the dark, quiet and unknowing of the promises of the politicians so they don’t get their hopes too high about the future.

At least I was not concerned with the future when young, and I did graduate too, but where did my bright future go? Where did all the important things disappear to? After discussing the problems of the future sharing a bottle of wine some twenty years ago? Here we are now in the future and nothing did we get done…It is sad that life is so short and we have to choose what to do, have children or change the world.

Well, maybe one thing though.

There’s nothing much one can do to change the world but to change yourself…
So I have been thinking about a new hair-colour!

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