Friday, 4 September 2009

Hard time for women

The sales manager of a foreign made car has resigned since he made derogatory remarks about women in general in an interview for a women's magazine, his resignation having been the right thing to do according to both his superiors and the Finnish minister in charge of equality issues.

And poverty in Finland has increased, but as poverty in terms of income has not been defined it really depends on how you count. Today more than 700.000 people earn less than 1.100 Euros per month, with a third of them being single moms.

Now having in mind that women together with minorities are treated unequally in working life, according to freshest report on how human rights actually are carried out in Finland, it is no wonder that most women retire out of working life for health reasons with the main reason being depression.

Conclusion, this may not be the easiest of countries to live in, especially if you are a female and a foreigner.


  1. Moi!

    Where can I find this report?

    Leo (Brazilian living in Lahti)

  2. I can only assume you mean the report on equality and how it is carried out?! Here's a link, in Finnish to the page I quoted from:
    and the report itself should be available on the other link as follows:
    Hope this helps you.
    Wishing you a nice day,