Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cheapest phone bills

Here's some good news for all them who complain about their mobile-phone bills being too high; Finland actually have the cheapest mobile-phone charges according to a comparison made of the OECD countries in august 2008.

Wonder what the situation is today? The cheapest phone operators still seem to have the same prices to offer as last year, just with new advertising campaigns. Anyway, the cheap phone bills will come in handy to the people in Finland that have volunteered to be involved in a big study about the safety and health risks of using mobile phones.

The same study is simultaneously carried out in Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands for better correlation. The choosing of Finland as a participating country for this survey is excellent. No matter where you go there always is someone on the phone right beside you, and by the sound of it you might think that the volume is not adjustable.

Just the other day I was waiting at the bus-stop to get home and a lady was shouting Thai right into my ear. When turning around towards her she said she was on the phone...
When I commented "Yes, and you are shouting right into my ear" she excused herself and hang up looking quite embarrassed. Well, at least she had the good sense to quit, the shouting I mean, not the conversation.

Mobile phones are handy but maybe some more consideration to other people around you might be cautioned for.

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