Monday, 31 August 2009

Being in the game

Statistics have for long been one of may favourite subjects, you can tell anything by just twisting the same facts around using different words and saying them in another order, giving them another meaning.

The Finns use 54 Euros per year and person gambling. This is a fact and published by the Finnish state owned gambling company, RAY. As gambling is only allowed on some machines generally displayed in cafes, bars, supermarkets and so on, and at special authorized betting agents, here comes what I have been wondering about.

Is this divides per citizens meaning all citizens including babies and children, this 54 Euros per year? Or is it per persons over 15 years old, who are allowed to gamble on these gambling machines? Or are they just counting adult persons over the age of 18 years?

Anyway, I have always been bad at gambling, the main reason for it being forgetting to get my my tickets registered in time to partake in the game, but now there is this wonderful new invention, on-line gambling, that you can use and I have actually managed to have a valid Lotto ticket for months, and as a matter of fact even have had some modest earnings deposited into my gambling account.

Not as big a win as the Italian 150 million Euros, just pennies, or maybe I should say Euros and cents, but it keeps me in the game for the time being.

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