Thursday, 30 September 2010

Presumed consent

On August 1st 2010 Finland got a new legislation concerning organ donation.

Earlier you always needed expressed consent of the deceased in order to use organs in transplantations, but from now on you are presumed to have given your consent for organs to be used, if there is no knowledge of you having being opposed to organ transplantation. Here you can read more about it, if you’re interested.

In a worst case scenario, if you have stated being opposed to organ donation in a will, and even made your will known to your nearest family and had it registered in your medical files, Finland has not yet got any electronic patient record database covering all health care units through out the country, so until then, when ever that may be, people are encouraged to keep a donor card with them at all times to express their will for, or against, organ donation.

So, where do you stick it in a skimpy two piece swimsuit?

You don’t usually even carry your ID when swimming; at least I know I don’t.


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  3. I don't know what to think about this. I am pro organ donation, but for some reason I feel that I still need to digest this stipulation.

  4. I know, this is a difficult issue to grab in any way. Uncle of mine died in the 1970's as no donor was found in the closest near family...

  5. I was afraid of all the things about the doctor, so I do not want to see how the organ transplant .. terrible