Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Get to see your doctor

I really hand another subject in mind when beginning to blog today but today's subject just took overhand of my writing.

I had a call from a girl friend of mine about her husband who had noticed change in his behaviour of passing water as well as he's "the right age" and that's when you should see a doctor and so he did.

Or at least he tried to. He called his doctor to get an appointment but could not make an booking until the next day (which is today so I still don't know the outcome) as the booking system could not give any appointments until today, the beginning of the month. And as it is not considered as urgent, (which it might not be but still might as well be very urgent) he probably wouldn't get to see his doctor for at least a fortnight, he was told. But how on earth can you not book appointments for more than one single month at a time?

What kind of stone age booking system is that?!?

According to my experience, men tend to take their time to get an appointment to the doctor even when concerned with minor things as a common cold, and when they think it might be something wrong, as in a case as sensitive as their prostate, even more so.

Taking in concern the threshold for a man to call about his prostate and being ready and willing to go and have it handled, maybe even tampered with, his most private parts, well that's completely another thing than the annual visit for us women to our gynecologist, the old usual bore, so I think it was urgent and should have been taken more seriously.

This worries me quite a lot, not his prostate, but the way the health care act. First they want to educate us about what to look out for, then when you notice what you hopefully should not see, then you act as you have been told, and the result still is null and void. So in the end, what's the use? Given a little time you get used to the nuisance and forget about it.

And this is just one single case, how many are there out there?

Yes, you might save your life if you get to see the doctor but you might die trying to see him.


  1. We have similar problems in the U.S., right now. Ours isn't really the booking system, it's that the docs(and dentists in my case), don't want to do emergency appointments anymore. So, they refer you to an even more expensive Emergency Room at Hospitals. In my case, an impacted and abscessed wisdom tooth didn't equal a bad enough emergency to see a dentist before December 10th.

    Very interesting that they can't make bookings until the first of the month, I've never heard of that before.

  2. The situation developed into not getting any doctor's appointment at all, and here I have no idea why as my lady friend was absolutely nuts about it the other day)until her husband actually broke a rib, getting to see a doctor and consulting about the second problem as well today!