Thursday, 25 June 2009

Died passions?

How can one thing that I used to be so passionate and conscientious about just die?

No interest in blogging anymore it seems even though the occasional ideas keep on popping up...What is it that make routines, that are safe and sound and keep us going, one day turn into a boring compulsory thing?

I mean, I love to write and to tell stories and just looking out the window I come to think of at least three things to blog about. Watching the news is even better, especially on days when nothing major has happened in the world and the news are filled with little things just in order to say something, just anything.

Like the other day when an elk was loose in the middle of Turku with hunters and police looking for it all over. Well, they never found it as it just vanished from sight, probably into the woods to never make the same mistake again.

See how easy it was, still it seems so hard to get it done...

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