Friday, 14 November 2008

End of compulsory Swedish?

The studying of Swedish as a compulsory subject in school has long been a highly discussed issue here in Finland.

Some people are pro Swedish being compulsory to study for all children in school but the greater part fo the population seem to be totally against , and now for the first time I have heard of one solution to the dilemma that makes sense, at least to me.

Someone proposed that school children would have to choose between studying Russian or Swedish in school as a second language, as English comes as a compulsory subject as third language in schools later on anyway. This would make sense to me, as Sweden and Russia are the closest neighbours to Finland, and the two countries the Finns have most business with.

The reason for this new proposition, and what makes sense to me is, that you freely choose a language, you are more likely to make more of an effort in learning it, instead of just having to learn it no matter what.

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